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Spring is finally here. People are beginning to shake off the winter chill and enjoy the toastier days. This season is the perfect time to infuse your home with bright and cheerful colours and add beautiful flowers and fragrances to spaces that need a burst of life. Whether you're living in a rental home or one that you own, these spring decor tips will embrace the season in an easy and eye-catching way.

1. Blooming Flowers

South Africa is home to magnificent natural beauty and this extends to the floral kingdom. Here, you can find exquisite indigenous flowers such as a variety of Proteas, Clivias (commonly known as Natal lily or bush lily), Strelitzia reginae (commonly known as crane flower or bird of paradise) and Zantedeschia aethiopica (arum lilies). There's no better time than spring to bring these unique flowers to life in your home by placing them on your table-tops, shelves or any other space that needs colour. Today, many people opt to buy potted flowers as opposed to freshly cut ones. These last longer and can be replanted in a garden.

Tip: For an immaculately landscaped garden that boasts the flowers of spring, you can consider hiring a professional gardener/landscaper or DIY by visiting your local nursery for tips on how to landscape effectively and which seasonal plants to use.

2. Indoor Trees

A new trend is taking over the local home decor scene - many homeowners and tenants are placing small trees in their homes. These are about 1-2 meters high and are usually found at door entrances, lounge and dining room areas, or in spacious kitchens. For spring, indoor trees are right on trend and are perfect for spacious homes as it adds character and depth to empty or blank spaces. Popular tree options in South African homes are bamboo, bonsai, Monstera, Sansevieria (mother-in-law's tongue), and Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant). What's more, you can buy these trees and various other types from online shops or home and garden stores around the country.

3. Leafy Patterns and Fabrics

Botanical prints are big this spring and it makes a loud statement to otherwise subdued spaces. With popularity at an all-time high, these prints are appearing on textiles, paintings, dishware, wall coverings and clocks. The trend is ideal for homes with outdoor patio furniture - you can incorporate a colourful tablecloth with floral accents or classic greens for a bold and tropical feel.

For the inside of your home, you can buy items with botanical prints such as throw pillows and blankets, ottomans and curtains. Currently, banana and palm leaf motifs are by far the most popular botanical prints, and you can even buy rugs with actual leaf shapes for a whimsical touch.

4. Eye-catching Paintings

Paintings or artwork have an incredible ability to add presence, beauty and wonder to wall space. For spring, popular options include paintings with animals such as zebras, horses, elephants and various bird species. Flowers are also big this season, with the king protea and tulips taking the top spot. In terms of colours, hues of orange, pink, blue, purple and green are perfect to bring in the season.

There's no better time than now to bring the "spring spirit" into your home to embrace the brighter days ahead.

Author: CSi Property Group

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