Three Key Projects Driving Development in the Tshwane Metro

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The City of Tshwane is a culturally diverse metropolitan with a rich history that can be seen through its museums, monuments and historical buildings. It takes the title of the largest metro in South Africa, covering 6 368km² and is home to 105 wards and 210 councillors. An interesting fact about Tshwane is that it is considered the knowledge capital of the continent due to its high percentage of academics, learning institutions, researchers and scientists. Plus, it is home to 130 foreign embassies and missions, and houses the national government departments. Besides being the meeting place of diplomats, government officials and business people, 2.5mil residents call Tshwane home and this number is set to grow as more people choose it as a residential destination. 

In total, there are 21 suburbs with the most popular being Akasia, Centurion, Pretoria and Pretoria North. While, the main economic sectors fuelling the region are general government, and finance, insurance, real estate and business services.

The important part that the region plays in the functioning of SA as a whole has led to massive long-term development plans that serve to improve the quality of life for all residents living here. The most vital plans include Mega Projects, the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), and the Integrated Transport Plan. 

Mega Projects

Mega Projects is an R100 billion investment by municipalities across Gauteng, with the aim to deliver 30 residential developments and 800 000 houses across five development corridors around the province. The City of Tshwane falls under the Northern Development Corridor - here there are four developments planned including Cullinan Mega City, Nelmapius Mega Development, Tswaing Urban Development and Park City - all of which are mixed-use developments that integrate residential nodes with a range of other property types such as commercial, industrial, and educational and religious facilities. The purpose of mega projects is to create a liveable destination for people from all walks of life, promote community integration and facilitate easy commute to CBD's through designated transport hubs.

Integrated Development Plan (IDP)

The Integrated Development Plan needs to be produced by every municipality in South Africa - this maps the short, medium and long-term goals of each municipality while taking into account existing issues. The vision for Tshwane's IDP was adopted in May 2017, with goals expected to be reached 2030. According to the municipality, "the new vision of Tshwane capitalises on its position as South Africa's capital of opportunity and is embedded in the values of fairness, freedom and opportunity."

There are five strategic pillars that will guide new developments, these include: 

    - Facilitating economic growth and job creation
    - Upholding a caring city for all residents and promoting inclusivity
    - Delivering excellent services and protecting the environment
    - Keeping residents safe
    - Promoting an open, honest and responsive government

Integrated Transport Plan

The Integrated Transport Plan was adopted in 2015 and the goals presented are expected to be reached by 2020. Municipal documents state the plan aims to "develop a transport system that positions the Capital City to meet the economic and social needs of its citizens". Ultimately, it will improve accessibility and mobility, enhance social inclusion, drive economic development through transportation, improve the safety and security of the transport system and create an efficient system that integrates land use and public transport plans.

Mega Projects, the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and the Integrated Transport Plan will create an even more harmonious living environment for the residents of Tshwane, while also significantly expanding the residential market. With development at an all-time high, the metro can expect to receive a high number of tenants and home buyers who are relocating here to be situated in a booming region with plenty of growth.

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