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South Africans are expressing their love for the country in a movement sweeping the nation. Known as the #ImStaying movement, people from every corner of the country are taking to social media to share their love story, patriotism, and shout to the world why living in the Rainbow Nation is quite simply, amazing. 

It all started with Cape Town resident Jarette Petzer who posted a patriotic video on his personal Facebook page. This spurred on the #ImStaying movement and subsequently, a Facebook group was created for people to voice their positive stories, celebrate their diversity and embrace meaningful change in the country. The #ImStaying group was created on September 7 and reached over half a million members in less than three weeks. Today, it has grown to just over 820 000 members and counting.

Of course, the residents from the province with the largest population, Gauteng, came out in droves to unite and speak proudly about their beloved country. Many focused specifically on their unique province and the reasons that make it the best and most beautiful place to live. One resident from Johannesburg went as far as to tattoo #ImStaying on her shoulder with the hope of raising more awareness about the meaning of the movement. 

So with this in mind and with #ImStaying as motivation, let's take a look at Gauteng and the reasons why loyal residents choose to live here as opposed to anywhere else in the world. 

Reason #1: A melting-pot of cultures

Gauteng is made up of quaint towns and big cities where people from all walks of life and cultures meet. Many people from around the country eventually end up relocating here for work purposes and this has allowed for cultural diversity to take root. For many residents, this is the best part about living in Gauteng as diversity brings in new experiences, opportunities and helps broaden mindsets for a more meaningful life. 

Reason #2: Rich history 

This province is home to phenomenal historical landmarks that represent equality, democracy and triumph over a turbulent past. This is most evident in the city of Pretoria where you can find the Union Buildings - which is famously known as the place where Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the president of SA, and the Constitutional Court - which approved the country's "unapologetically progressive" constitution. These landmarks and many others hold incredible symbolism, but they also add an "old-world charm" to the province that many residents appreciate. 

Reason #3: Fun and adventure 

Gauteng epitomises the concept of 'live, work, play". Yes, residents work hard, but when it comes time to play they do so in grand style. The province is known for its vibrant nightlife characterised by trendy bars, sophisticated restaurants and chic nightclubs. It is also home to many attractions ideal for families such as Gold Reef City, the National Zoological Gardens and Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

Reason #4: A food explosion 

The food in Gauteng is as diverse as its people. Here, cuisines from around the world come together to offer unforgettable gastronomical experiences. There are authentic African dishes, spicy Indian dishes, rustic Dutch dishes, and an array of Italian, French, Portuguese and Malaysian flavours. 

Reason #5: Origins of humankind

The residents of Gauteng are the only people in the world who live in the same province as the first humans. The location of this is known as the Cradle of Humankind, and it was declared a World Heritage Site after the first hominid was found here in 1924. Situated on the site are hauntingly beautiful caves where many fossils were found - these are known as Maropeng and Sterkfontein. Residents are lucky to have humankind's origin story on their doorstep, which adds to the unique experiences and richness of the province. 

With the #ImStaying movement growing stronger, the spotlight is placed on remarkable provinces such as Gauteng. To find out more about the properties in this diverse, exciting and timeless province, speak to our helpful agents from CSi Property Group today.

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